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Gain control over your AP and maximize card spend

Automate your AR with the safest payment option available

Expand commercial card programs for your clients

Work with us to add B2B payments to your offerings
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Pay by card, 100% of the time

Patented straight-through processing technology

Patented rules-based payment engine
We optimize the use and acceptance of commercial cards

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Accepting commercial cards with Boost enables you to get paid quicker and easier with a fully automated processing solution
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Put your commercial card program in the fast lane

Give your card program a boost with our suite of patented technology solutions and best‑in‑class enablement and advisory services

Enable your customers to use their commercial card for 100% of their AP file

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Increase interchange through incremental commercial card spend
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Make card acceptance easy with 100% straight-through processing
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Grow card spend through customized supplier enablement programs
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Enable affordable payments around the world with U.S.-issued cards
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Flexible pricing models to meet your customer’s most complex needs

Create proven value for your customers with digital B2B payment solutions


Supplier acceptance is the top obstacle to growing digital B2B payments

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of AP professionals intend to convert more AP spend to digital payments

49%- Issuer

of AP professionals are planning to invest in automation this year


"Boost's technology is ground-breaking and has reinvented how commercial card payments are initiated, received and processed."
Richard CiamiloVice President of New Markets, Mastercard
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We are integrated with dozens of issuers around the world

See the difference with solutions that are purpose-built for B2B


Unlock more opportunity and revenue for your card program

Give your customers complete control and flexibility over how and when they use their card, regardless of how their suppliers choose to be paid, with our platform of technology solutions and consultative services. 

Increase acceptance rates with our best-in-class supplier enablement programs and access to our expanding network of card acceptors.

Take advantage of our flexible pricing options to manage and grow your revenue stream.

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Maximize supplier acceptance with patented straight‑through processing technology

Our patented Straight-Through Processing (STP) platform is the first lockbox solution for commercial card payments. 

Address the common pain points associated with virtual card acceptance through a fully automated solution that includes enhanced remittance data and reporting. 

Make it easy for suppliers to accept cards by eliminating lengthy merchant processing agreements, up‑front fees, or monthly minimums.

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Use dynamic rules to enforce contractual constructs and set pricing that fits your customers’ needs

Guarantee faster receipt of funds with payment date requirements.

Control which invoices can be paid via card with payment amount limits.

Pre-select which customers can pay by card based on relationship and margin.

Institute flexible pricing based on dynamic variables.

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Secure, straight-through processing for your customers’ static cards

Give all your customers access to the benefits of straight-through processing, even if they are not currently on a virtual card program.

Provide a simple way for your customers to securely pay invoices with no technical integration and a one-time enrollment process.

All cards stored in the Boost Vault are tokenized, providing the ultimate level of data security and fraud prevention.

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What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual credit cards are a flexible electronic payment method using 16-digit credit card numbers typically created for purchases at set amounts.  Most commonly sent via email, they offer convenience, security, and speed in the B2B payments space. Virtual cards can improve accounts payable (AP) processes, benefitting both buyers and suppliers by streamlining day-to-day payments, and providing greater control over cash flows. They also offer more safeguards against fraud than traditional business credit cards.

Boost processes virtual cards in an automated way, eliminating manual processing steps. 

Does Boost process secure payments on behalf of my customers?

Yes. Boost suppliers are never exposed to buyer’s 16-digit card numbers. All live card data is encrypted and tokenized and the supplier (and Boost) are never exposed to it. Only the last four digits of the card numbers are shared with the supplier for tracking purposes. Consequently, as card data is not shared with the supplier, the supplier is not beholden to PCI compliance requirements for the payments that Boost processes.

What type of reporting is available?

Boost provides enhanced reporting with full remittance and settlement details. Reports are available in a CSV format or in the format of your supplier’s accounting software and can be selected with the help of our customer service team after enrollment. We also can customize reporting to integrate directly into your software or reporting platform.

Are my payments secure?

Yes. Boost suppliers are never exposed to your 16-digit card numbers. All live card data is encrypted and tokenized and the supplier (and Boost) are never exposed to it. Only the last four digits of the card numbers are shared with the supplier for tracking purposes. Consequently, as card data is not shared with the supplier, the supplier is not beholden to PCI compliance requirements for the payments that Boost processes.

What are the costs associated with making payments through Boost?

There is no cost for our supplier enablement services or accessing our payment platforms. There are costs associated with each transaction, including interchange, network and assessment fees and acquirer fees. Traditionally, the cost of commercial card transactions is covered by the Supplier. Boost allows your customers to optimize transaction costs by providing access to a wide selection of flexible payment processing options that meet the unique needs of both your buyer and suppliers. This ensures that customers can take advantage of all opportunities for maximizing card spend, including the choice of who covers the transaction fees. We also have access to proprietary interchange rates to help lower the overall cost of acceptance.

Are there any terminal limits or maximum payment amounts?

Transactions through Boost will not be delayed, regardless of transaction size. Boost processes multi-million dollar card payments almost every day. Boost processes the commercial card payments for Fortune 100 companies and thousands of smaller companies, too.

Do suppliers need a credit card terminal or portal to receive payments from Boost?

No, the funding process is completely automatic, and the transactions will qualify at the lowest published B2B interchange rates. Virtual cards from your customers are automatically processed by Boost and the funds are deposited directly into the supplier's preferred bank account by Boost.

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