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Shared Payments Models Rewrite Economics of Commercial Cards
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March 26, 2024Shared Payments Models Rewrite Economics of Commercial Cards

In the B2B sphere, adapting payment workflows to suit both buyers and suppliers is key to fostering a mutually beneficial environment. 

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Commercial Cards are King
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March 13, 2024Commercial Cards are King

Find how automation, global connectivity, and shared value approaches are reshaping financial strategies for businesses.

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January 23, 2024Streamlining Payments with Straight-Through ProcessingIn today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficiency and quality are essential for staying ahead of the competition. Straight-through processing (STP) is...READ MORE
January 18, 2024Commercial Cards Evolve as Working Capital Takes PrecedenceOne of the main trends we have seen that will have an impact in 2024 is redefining the role of...READ MORE
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January 8, 2024Rising Interest, a Boost to Commercial Cards as Working Capital SourceTreasury automation, virtual card adoption, and the financial advantages of commercial cards are reshaping the way businesses manage their working...Read More
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November 20, 2023Finding the Real Value in Business Payments When Money Movement Is a CommodityTechnological advancements and a seismic, if in places incremental, shift towards digitization are transforming B2B payments…Read More
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October 26, 2023Moving B2B Payments’ Last Mile into the Express LaneOver the last decade, the impact of digital capabilities and innovative new ecosystems has taken the payments industry by storm...Read More
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October 18, 2023Business Email Compromise Scams Are Growing Threat to B2B OperationsBusiness email compromise (BEC) scams have become a top concern for organizations engaged in B2B transactions, as they target financial...Read More
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July 18, 2023Commercial Cards Give Firms Working Capital Certainty in Uncertain TimesBusiness interest in alternative financing solutions is rising almost as fast as interest rates are...Read More
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June 21, 2023Virtual cards and Boost Payment Solutions: A Secure and Efficient Solution for B2B PaymentsVirtual cards are now experiencing growing popularity as a means of business-to-business payment, and the integration of these, including the...Read More
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May 1, 2023Commercial Cards Become Important CFO Cash Management ToolPYMNTS asked business leaders for their take on how to plan for the rest of 2023, and what they are...Read More
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April 24, 2023Companies Tap New Data Insights After Automating Business PaymentsIntractable manual payment processing remains a significant pain point for many organizations, but the more companies experience automated payment processing...Read More
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March 22, 2023Vendor Concentration Risks Draw Greater Scrutiny Post SVBLiving in the past holds organizations back. But as the B2B payments landscape continues to be transformed by ongoing digitization...Read More
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March 21, 2023Optimizing Commercial Payments in the Digital AgeThe global adoption of digital payments is increasing, and commercial payments are no exception...Read More
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March 13, 2023Businesses and suppliers are hurt by inefficient payment processes – but there’s a fixMany businesses routinely struggle to pay their suppliers on time, leading to those suppliers wasting precious hours and resources chasing...Read More
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March 13, 2023Optimize Your Company’s Transactions with Boost Payment SolutionsDepuis 14 ans, Boost Payment Solutions fait office de référence dans le secteur de la fintech. Passerelle optimisant l’utilisation et...Read More
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January 26, 2023Boost CEO Says Standardization Key to Digital B2B Payments GrowthB2B payments will see significant adoption and standardization of digital, integrated solutions in 2023, Boost Payment Solutions CEO Dean M....Read More
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January 18, 2023Crypto as a Practical Solution to B2B PaymentsCryptocurrencies have moved from a speculative asset to a practical one. One area in which crypto can serve and improve...Read More
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December 20, 2022Canadian Businesses Swap Checks for Commercial CardsChecks remain a key B2B payment method in Canada, but commercial cards are changing that. A driving force behind this...Read More
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November 7, 2022Virtual Cards Bring Relief to B2B Healthcare PaymentsAs the focus on improving commercial payment flows in healthcare intensifies, virtual cards are increasingly being tasked with taking up...Read More
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November 2, 2022Rising Interest Rates Spark Supplier Interest in Commercial Card AcceptanceThe payments pull and tug between buyers and suppliers has long favored those doing the buying, but that’s changing as...Read More
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October 21, 2022Technology Helps Buyers and Suppliers Meet Economic ChallengesPayment solutions that offer flexibility, automation and reconciliation controls are key to ensuring growth for companies, Rick Kenneally, Chief Technology...Read More
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September 8, 2022Too Many Industry Sectors Operate in Payments ‘Dark Ages’The last two years may have exposed flaws in the way businesses conduct cross-border commerce, but there’s always room for...Read More
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July 14, 2022Digital B2B Payment Solutions Provide Flexibility for Buyers and SellerDean M. Leavitt, CEO and founder of Boost Payment Solutions, writes in the PYMNTS eBook “Baseline 2022: What the Next Six...Read More
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January 11, 20222021 Was the Year of IntentionLast year gave the payments world a bit of time to step back and regroup from the chaos of 2020...Read More
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November 16, 2021Credit Cards See Growth as Part of Global Business Payments MixAll eyes are on the supply chain snarls — the logistics headaches that may leave shelves bare during the all-important...Read More
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July 20, 2021Digitized B2B Payments Will Likely Continue To Grow Post-PandemicIn A Decade of Digital Transformation in 12 Months, 46 C-suite executives spoke with PYMNTS for its Q2 eBook on...Read More
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June 1, 2021Solving B2B’s Payment And Data ProblemIn B2B, you cannot solve the payments problem without solving the data problem. They’re inextricably linked, especially when it comes...Read More