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Pay by card, 100% of the time

Patented straight-through processing technology

Patented rules-based payment engine
We optimize the use and acceptance of commercial cards

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Accepting commercial cards with Boost enables you to get paid quicker and easier with a fully automated processing solution
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Dynamic Boost®

Accept payments on your terms with our patented rules-based engine that offers real-time decisioning and interchange flexibility

Acceptance on your termsTM

Breaking the mold of traditional rigid credit card pricing constructs, Dynamic Boost offers buyers and suppliers pricing flexibility based on business rules that fit their mutual needs

A closer look at Dynamic Boost

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Our patented dynamic rules engine gives you the power to enforce contractual constructs:

  • Guarantee faster receipt of funds with payment date requirements
  • Control which invoices can be paid via card with payment amount limits
  • Pre-select which customers can pay by card based on relationship and margin
  • Institute flexible pricing based on dynamic variables

See the difference with solutions that are purpose-built for B2B

The card industry's answer to dynamic discounting

The rules-based payment platform introduces interchange pricing flexibility to buyers, suppliers, and commercial card issuers. Offers pricing simplicity and customization when published rates are not adequate for mutually agreed upon acceptance.

Dynamic Pricing

Make acceptance work for you

“On the fly” application of rules which can be based on payment size, payment timing, or other metrics that are mission-critical to a buyer-supplier relationship.

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End-to-end automation

Dynamic Boost integrates seamlessly with Boost Intercept, our patented straight-through processing (STP) platform. Get a fully automated processing experience with enhanced remittance reports delivered in your preferred format.

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Optimize your AR with Boost's cutting edge technology