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September 20, 2022

Boost Payment Solutions Partners with Australian FinTech Leader Robobai

New York, NY – Digital payments leader Boost Payment Solutions has announced a new partnership with Australian company Robobai, which uses artificial intelligence to help organizations better understand how and where they’re spending money.

A leader in domestic and international B2B payment processing, Boost will provide its patented straight-through processing solution to Robobai customers. This collaboration will accelerate payment optimization for enterprise businesses and streamline end-to-end disbursement processes across the supply chain. Boost joins other Robobai partners, including leaders in software, banking, and manufacturing. Robobai’s software,  amongst other things, analyzes invoices for payment terms versus actual payment timing to identify opportunities for payment transformation, which will now be complemented by Boost’s fast and efficient STP system.

In a statement about the partnership, Lou Longhi, Chief Revenue Officer for Boost, pointed out the complimentary nature of Robobai’s Spend Visibility, Procurement Management, and Treasury Control systems with Boost’s automated payment solutions. “Combining AI-driven data with Boost’s fast, secure processing for commercial cards can provide customers with the best of both worlds, allowing businesses to understand the opportunities within their supply chains and optimize them with fast, smart payments.”

Boost’s strategic partnerships with global leaders have optimized accounts payable and enabled international partnerships for companies around the world, simplifying the process of payments and compliance across the board.

Robobai’s AI system can identify saving opportunities, provide supplier compliance, and assess risk and insights across customers’ entire supply chains for major customers across the industry.

“Optimizing working capital is vital in the current inflationary market. The Robobai platform flags payment optimization opportunities across suppliers. Partnering with Boost will enable our customers to activate these opportunities quickly. We’re doing all we can to support our customers and this partnership makes obvious sense,” said Robobai CEO and Founder Julian Harris.

Simon Ellis, Robobai’s Head of Alliances, also pointed out the mutual benefits of the partnership, noting that Boost’s international presence would allow the company to have a greater impact on supply chains around the world. “Robobai’s granular visibility of supplier payment activity combined with Boost’s astute ability to execute payment processes will ultimately drive much-needed payment optimization results across the global supply chain.”

About Robobai

Robobai’s automated intelligence software helps organizations better understand how and where they’re spending their money. Their innovative system identifies saving opportunities, provides supplier compliance, and offers risk and insight analysis across customers’ entire supply chains. Robobai’s technology gives businesses the information they need to make ethical, diverse, and sustainable supply chain decisions. Learn more about Robobai at

About Boost

As the B2B electronic payments leader, Boost optimizes how commercial card payments are initiated, processed, received, and reported. Boost’s technical innovations have transformed commercial cards into a cost-effective, scalable, and secure alternative to traditional checks, wires, and ACH. Boost features a global footprint that serves a broad spectrum of industries. Boost was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York, NY. Please visit us at

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