A Card-Centric Technology Platform That Serves the Payment Needs of Today's Businesses

Boost Intercept

The First Lockbox Solution for Virtual Cards

"Boost’s technology is ground-breaking and has reinvented how commercial card payments are initiated, received and processed."


  • Converts virtual commercial card payments into a completely passive straight-through processed (STP) experience for suppliers


  • Eliminates the need for suppliers to extract card data from email payment requests and manually process payments via hardware or software
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The Card Industry's Answer to Dynamic Discounting

  • A business rules-based payment platform that introduces interchange pricing flexibility to buyers, suppliers, and commercial card issuers


  • Offers pricing simplicity and customization when published rates are not adequate for mutually agreed upon acceptance
  • “On the fly” application of rules which can be based on payment size, payment timing, or other metrics that are mission-critical to a buyer-supplier relationship


  • Designed specifically to generate incremental card-based accounts payable spend on commercial card networks
  • Integrates seamlessly with Boost Intercept®, so all payments are straight-through processed and accompanied by remittance reports delivered in supplier’s preferred format