Now’s the Time for Businesses to Transition to Commercial Card Use and Acceptance

by PaymentsJournal

PaymentsJournal sat down with Dean M. Leavitt, Founder & CEO of Boost Payment Solutions, Inc., and Steve Murphy, of Mercator Advisory Group to speak in more detail about how businesses can benefit by digitizing and shifting to commercial card acceptance.


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The impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) global pandemic is forcing businesses to modify their behaviors and look for innovative ways to streamline and automate processes that often require a physical presence. For example, many businesses still process invoices and payments manually through checks, wire, and ACH, but since most of the country’s workforce is now working remotely, no one is in offices to manage them.

Beyond that, the complete lack of clarity with respect to the duration of the global business shutdown has caused many businesses to explore alternative sources of working capital to build up cash reserves. For these reasons, the time is right for businesses to transition to commercial card payments and acceptance. → Continue reading or listen to the podcast here.