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The B2B Revolution

Broadly speaking, innovation in B2B payments over the past decade has been the result of a digital transformation designed to eliminate transactional friction. AP and

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Boost Launches Dynamic Interchange Rates To Push B2B Card Acceptance

Part of that reticence toward adopting commercial card payments lies with the interchange fees on transactions, typically a few percentage points, paid by suppliers. It’s a fixed rate, a cost of doing business. Buyers, of course, can enjoy the benefits of rebates. Somewhere, there exists a middle ground between buyers and suppliers willing to embrace cards and seeking to optimize cash flow, as Boost Payment Solutions Founder and CEO Dean M. Leavitt pointed out. To that end, Boost said this morning (Oct. 16) that it is unveiling Dynamic Boost — billed as the first payments platform to apply rules-based, dynamic interchange pricing to commercial card payments.

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