Remittance Reports

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Remittance Reports

Boost can provide custom remittance data to meet your AR reporting requirements to fit an established payment reporting method transmission or as a remittance email or spreadsheet. Customized remittance data reporting and formatting can be used to automate AR modules, eliminating re-keying errors and freeing up resources to focus on other functions.

Remittance data can be provided to vendors in the following formats:

  • Email-based delivery of buyer payment instruction request, authorization approval code and card payment information with remittance advice is available. Enhanced remittance reporting capabilities are supported for those suppliers seeking a fully automated accounting reconciliation.
  • BAI (BAI2) is a lockbox standardized format maintained by ASC X9- Financial Industry Standards. This format can be used to duplicate an existing check reporting file.
  • EDI 820 is the Electronic Data Interchange Payment Order/ Remittance Advice supported by ASC X12. This format can be uploaded for ERP automated receivable closings.
  • Flat files that meet specific client needs can be created with the remittance data information and formatted as .csv or .xls (comma delimited or excel spreadsheets) per request.


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