Supplier Enablement

Boost partners with Issuers and corporate clients to provide a comprehensive enablement methodology which facilitates all aspects of a paper to electronic migration campaign. The paper to electronic migration campaign is formally started as soon as Boost has been engaged by a client to enable suppliers with electronic payment acceptance.

Early stage preparatory activities include:

  • Updating and segmenting the client’s supplier list
  • Developing communication strategies and materials
  • Establishing campaign milestones
  • Loading Boost’s systems with supplier and other key data
  • Training its sales team on the specific details of each individual client and campaign
  • Testing systems specifically customized for each campaign

Once Boost has begun the process of engaging suppliers, the team provides detailed campaign reporting and analysis to clients and their issuing bank on a schedule established by the client. After the suppliers are set up with electronic payment acceptance capabilities, the “wrap-up” stage of the campaign begins and we work with the client to establish policies and procedures for supplier renewals and new suppliers yet to be contracted by the client.