Boost is engaged by an array of corporate entities, institutions and governmental agencies to evaluate their supplier payment processes, communicate migration information and to enable their suppliers to accept payment through discounted commercial card programs. Boost also works directly with corporations and organizations looking to optimize their card acceptance programs and achieve operational efficiencies.

Selected list of clients include:

  • National airline
  • Branch of the United States Armed Forces
  • Multi-national human resources conglomerate
  • Major utility
  • Prestigious liberal arts college and higher education institutions
  • Procurement department of major U.S. city
  • State agencies
  • National provider of automobile assistance services
  • Global Telcom Providers
  • Provider of Legal and Personal Background Checking Services
  • International Cargo Delivery Companies
  • Global Overnight Package Delivery Company
  • National Office Supplies Retailer
  • Two “Big Four” Accounting Firms
  • Multi-national Food Products Manufacturer
  • Global Postage Equipment and Services Company
  • International Imaging Equipment and Services Company
  • Leading Personal Computer and Printer Manufacturer