Boost Payment Solutions

Boost Intercept®

Boost Intercept is a proprietary electronic B2B payment platform developed by Boost Payment Solutions that transforms supplier-initiated virtual card payments into a "buyer-initiated payment experience" for suppliers.

An innovative payment platform, Boost Intercept was designed and developed in response to the chorus of “pain points” voiced by large suppliers willing to take cards but frustrated by the need to support multiple virtual card (V-card) platforms.

Boost Intercept® Cures Supplier’s Pain Points:

  • Eliminate the need to support multiple V-card platforms
  • Eliminate the need to login to multiple portals, extract card data and manually process payments
  • Eliminate the need to store/pass/process card data
  • Reduce PCI DSS compliance scope and cost related to Boost payments processed
  • Lower cost with access to lowest interchange rates (level 3 data passed)
  • Reduce manual steps from relying on e-mailed PDF notifications
  • Streamline your ERP requirements with customized remittance data in native format
  • Eliminate manual and lengthy reconciliations improving efficiencies and visibility