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“The Dirty Little Secrets about Interchange”

Commercial card programs utilizing deeply discounted interchange rates to support larger “line of business” spend have seen little uptake from the issuing and corporate card communities for fear of cannibalizing existing lucrative revenue streams. However, many stakeholders are not aware of how the new pricing constructs, coupled with evolving technologies, can be used to grow their card programs significantly by reducing suppliers’ resistance to card acceptance.

In this expert briefing, Dean M. Leavitt, CEO of Boost Payment Solutions, delves into relatively unknown territory surrounding interchange and explores the new and creative pricing constructs that are now available which better reflect the profile of larger vendor-vendee relationships.

In this session you will learn:
Dispelling myths – Interchange rates are much more flexible than most B2B card stakeholders believe
Market growth – Strategically discounted pricing constructs can help issuers and their corporate customers grow their card programs and associated revenues
Supplier Enablement – There is now a compelling story to tell suppliers that have historically been resistant to card acceptance
New technologies – New platforms have been introduced that cure many of the “pain points” historically associated with commercial card acceptance

Why should you attend?
Are you looking to increase supplier uptake of card acceptance?
Would you like to understand how you can benefit from creative pricing structures?
Do you want to better understand new Interchange technologies and pricing constructs?

Who should attend?
The expert briefing is designed for finance and banking professionals in the commercial card and B2B payments arena who want to better understand how to solve for many of the issues that have historically prevented them from expanding commercial card acceptance by larger suppliers.

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