Commercial Card Acceptance Survey

    1. Does your airport currently accept commercial card payments from airlines or other businesses for airport services?*
    YesNo (Skip to Question 5)

    2. If you answered "Yes" to question 1, you must complete questions 2 through 5. For what services does the airport accept commercial card payments? Check all that apply.*
    RentLanding FeesFuelLost BaggageConcession FeesEmployee ParkingOther

    3. How much do you pay in total transaction fees to accept commercial card payments from businesses?*
    per transaction

    4. What is the average transaction dollar amount and the total annual amount for which the airport accepts commercial card payments from businesses in each of the following categories?*

    5. If you answered "No" to question 1, you must complete questions 5 and 6. If the airport does not accept commercial card payments for services rendered to businesses, why not? Check all that apply.*
    High costsReconciliation or accounting concernsCard data exposure or other security concernsHuman Resource requirements to support programPolicy prohibits card acceptanceOther

    6. What would it take to get you to consider accepting commercial cards for services rendered to businesses? Check all that apply.*
    Lower cost structureFaster paymentReduced risk of security issuesPolicy changeCustomer request to pay by cardEnhanced transaction and remittance data in native ERP format

    7. Does your airport issue invoices electronically?*

    8. Who at the airport decides what payment methods the airport accepts?*

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