Boost Intercept Popularity Soars

Boost Intercept, the B2B platform from Boost Payment Solutions, is seeing sharply growing demand among commercial card issuers, third party processors, corporate payers and suppliers the product is designed to eliminate the need for suppliers to manually process transactions or access card data, expediting reconciliation and reducing the cost of acceptance.

The premise is that the product optimizes the card acceptance for suppliers by supporting “ghost” or single use cards, without the need to log on to multiple portals, “hunt down” card data and manually process transactions; all of which are resource intensive and present potential data security issues, the company said.

“Boost Intercept cures those pain points that are often associated with, and have historically limited, large scale commercial card acceptance – it’s that simple,” said Dean M. Leavitt, Boost CEO. “We heard the chorus of pain points among suppliers and responded by developing ground-breaking technology that simplifies the use of commercial cards for the entire ecosystem. Boost Intercept is an incredibly powerful platform that allows suppliers to optimize their card acceptance by lowering costs, automating what is often a cumbersome and manual process, simplifying and expediting reconciliation, while eliminating their exposure to sensitive card data, all of which add up to increased efficiencies for our customers.”

The product is available to Issuers and Acquirers on a white label basis to enhance existing offerings by transforming ghost and single use cards into Buyer-Initiated Payment experiences for corporate clients.